Saturday, 23 September 2017

A Mound

Sorry there haven't been any posts recently. I kind of dropped the ball on the gaming front over the last week or so, what with one thing and another.

I have, however, put together a camp for my Mound Builders DBA army. I thought I'd better because I'm taking it to a competiton, and I'm sure they expect a higher standard than just a bit of carpet tile with a spare element on it.

It's a mound. With a hut on it. I kind of researched it using a Google Image search for 'mound builder mounds'.

It's made from card, and the steps are mtachsticks. The hut is a 3D print. The flocking is terrible, but I can't be bothered to redo it.

Here it is with some elements. I have a spare general's element in the army, so whichever one I don't use will end up as the camp followers.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Mound Builders vs The World

We had a DBA session last night, with four of us playing each other for a total of three games apiece. It was a bit of a practice session for the forthcoming tournament at MOAB; there's no HOTT this year, sadly, so we have switched our allegiance to DBA 3.0 instead.

Although I can now field both Maya and Aztecs for DBA, by repurposing my HOTT armies, I wanted to use my one, dedicated DBA army, the Mound Builders - a majority of bows, supported by some blades and hordes and featuring a litter as the general. Here they are set up for the first game, against Caesar's Wars of the Roses English. The pyramid isn't really a Mound Builder thing, but looks too nice not to use.

Caesar's artillery broke up the hordes which, requiring extra PIPs to move, floundered around on the flank for a bit. But some archers sent into the temple complex on my left threatened the Europeans' gun.

Meanwhile the rest of the armies exchanged archers, and elements were lost on both sides.

After a tough fight, the Mound Builders overran the gun, to pick up a 4-3 win.

In a second game I faced Dave, who was using a Late Achmaenid Persian army; Greek mercenary spears supported by various mounted troops and some light infantry. Dave went for a classic headlong charge approach.

The stinkard hordes took on the Persian cavalry. They died in droves, of course, but took a long time doing it, which held that particular flank.

The Greek spears attacked in the centre, but couldn't kill the vulnerable bows so that they could threaten the tougher noble blades and command litter.

On the other flank the Persian's noble cavalry failed to ride down the Mound Builder archers.

The Persian attack slowly broke up ...

... and the Mound Builders picked up another 4-3 win.

We all had enough time for a third game. Caesar fought the Persians this time. After seeing how useful my pyramid built-up area was in our first game, he placed a windmill as part of his terrain.

The Persians gazed on it in awe, before wiping the English out.

Meanwhile I played against Peter, who was using Alexander's Macedonians.

His initial PIPs were terrible, and he ended up advancing the main block of his army without being able to bring up his light troops to support his right.

This allowed me to swing unengaged archers around that flank.

On the other flank the stinkards died horribly to the Macedonian cavalry, just as they had when fighting the Persians. But, once again, they didn't die quickly.

The Macedonian pikes were slowly surrounded and outflanked, although this one fought back to destroy its opponent.

Eventually one of the pike-blocks was destroyed by the nobles and a supporting element of archers, for another 4-3 win.

In each game the Mound Builders scraped a victory from the edge of defeat, with the archers being very mobile, but very vulnerable to enemy heavy foot. The litter is an interesting challenge, in that it can't attack enemy troops, but is hard to kill if they attack it. And the hordes are great fun, of course, being annoyingly hard to kill. Whilst I'm not sure how I'm going to cope in the heady world of competitive DBA, I think this army will be fun and attractive to use.

Monday, 11 September 2017

White Line Nightmare

I knocked up a couple of feet of Outback road for Machinas this evening; some grey mounting paper, cut to size, with double white lines painted down the middle and a brown dry-brush. Quick and simple.

I might tart them up a little more, but they look pretty good on one of my DBA/HOTT boards.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Ratrods and Tanker

I ran a game of Machinas at the club last night in preparation for MOAB, where we'll be running games of it on the Saturday. With one player calling in sick, I ended up with two players; Maya and Satvik. Here they are. Aren't they cute?

I set up the chase scenario we'll be running; they got to choose from a selection of vehicle pairs, and I played a randomly determined vehicle that they were attempting to chase and destroy. The player who finished off the target would win, so although co-operation was encouraged, a clear winner would emerge at the end.

As you can see from the looks above, co-operation wasn't going to happen, despite the random target being the heavily armoured tanker Industrial Disease.

Satvik ran the spiky Please Don't Touch and nippy Blues Breaker, whilst Maya had the two black ratrods, Terrible Canyons of Static and Dead Flag Blues.

Maya's plan was obvious from the start; destroy Satvik's vehicles. This left Satvik fending her off, whilst also trying to organise attacks on the tanker

I am working on some better-looking terrain for this game, but I'm reasonably happy with the width of the road for this kind of game.

Maya managed to get in a couple of good shots at Blues Breaker, with harpoons from one vehicle and rockets from the other. This left Satkvik's vehicle badly damaged and in danger of being taken out of the chase.

However Satvik was keeping his eyes on the prize, and make an attempt on the tanker with Please Don't Touch. There was lots of scraping of paint and metal, but no real damage.

Frustrated by a failure to finish off Blue Breaker, one of Maya's vehicles  dropped out of the chase.

Soon afterwards, Please Don't Touch skidded back into Terrible Canyons of Static.

The results were predictable.

Another vehicle pulled out; the badly-damaged Blues Breaker.

This now left the spiky Please Don't Touch as the only vehicle chasing the tanker.

Satvik had a good try; lining up an attack on the tanker wasn't hard, as the ratrod had better speed and handling, but lining up an attack likely to succeed was harder.

Success eluded him, and the tanker escaped.

Neither Satvik or Maya had played before, but had little trouble picking up the mechanisms, and Maya had a lot of fun playing a very aggressive game unrelated to the actual victory conditions. Running the tanker didn't give me a lot to do, but the game in general allowed me to assess some of the changes I've made to the rules, so was very helpful.

6x6 - Game 4.4

Monday, 4 September 2017

Evading The Bikers

I ran through a quick Machinas road-chase this evening, since I'm running some on Thursday and also need to have some stuff ready for MOAB at the end of the month.

I decided to have the V8 Interceptor pursued by a trio of bikers. I randomly assigned characteristics, signatures and features, and they were a pretty incompetent bunch; unlucky, prone to loosing off their ammo and not really geared up for chasing a powerful car. But I ran with what I had.

An early passing attempt. Whilst not really having any hope of success, it did start to wear down the Interceptor's bonus dice pool.

Coming in from both side.

A breather, as everyone tried to build up more dice.

The larger bikes - with big guns - line up for another run.

Now the bikes were running the Interceptor close.

One bike dropped out.

Then another.

The last bike went into the attack. At first it ran too close, and both vehicles swerved to stay in control.

Setting up for a pass ...

... and success at last! The bikers blazed away with their big gun, but the Interceptor's driver evaded it ...

... although they dropped back. Now in front, the bikers called it a day.

So no damage and no casualties. The random road was the issue in this game; it just kept generating straights, where the Interceptor's powerful engine was at an advantage. The bikes are generally better at passing, but just couldn't manage it. There were only two curves, and the first was early on when all vehicles had plenty of dice to spare, and the Interceptor could throw them into staying ahead. The second curve was at the end, and allowed the last bike that one shot.

Still, it was worth running through the game to remind myself how to play.

6x6 - Game 4.3
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